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Recruitment Agency: East Midlands

A specialist recruitment company, that sources staff for the Engineering, Railway and Motor-sport industries, based in Northamptonshire. The company requested a Diagnostic Study to evaluate their competitiveness and market standing. Our analyst carried out a full investigation and covered all areas of Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operational Aspects as well as preparing a blue print for the Directors to follow.

The plan resulted in the closure of an under-performing outlet in Hampshire and the subsequent relocation of the key staff to Hertfordshire, where that branch company has gone from strength to strength. The overall sales turnover has increased from £1.7 million in 1996 to £7.2 million during the seven-year relationship. The directors now control a personal asset base of over £1 million and still consult with Sherwood, Taylor & Whyte on major commercial issues and business strategies.

Engineering and Petrochemical Supply Company: Midlands

Sherwood, Taylor & Whyte were invited to 're sharpen' the company image, which had 'softened' over the previous four years. We investigated every aspect of this diverse company and decided that the only way to properly market and promote it, was to split the business into three defined areas, namely OFFSHORE (North Sea), POWER GENERATION, Rest of the World ENGINEERING PROJECTS.

To this end, new sales offices were opened in Aberdeen and the sales and commercial staff broke their respective marketing activities down into specific areas and target audiences. Further sales offices opened in North America and South Africa, as well as nominated representatives in the Middle East and China.

Sales turnover increased from £1.3 million to £3.2 million over a four year period.

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