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Marketing & Design Studio - Coventry

Turnover £750,000 profit £13,000

Invited by owner to carry out an initial study of where the monies were being made and lost within the company. Split the company into cost centres and identified the profitable areas whilst rearranging the managed dependency on in-house design. Within 6 months they had formed a strategic alliance with a design house that resulted in cost reductions in excess of £50,000 per annum. Instigated ISO 9000 and raised company profile through marketing, direct and indirect, as well as repositioning the company from a strategic management point of view. After 18 months the on target sales figure stood at £900.000 whilst net profit is running at £72,000 after sole director remuneration of £85,000.

Overnight Delivery Transport Company - Warwickshire

Brought in by the main board to identify the problems encountered at one of their depots. We quickly identified that the problems lay in the Operational and Sales areas and set out a blue print for change over a 9 month period. The management embraced the changes and with fortnightly meetings enforcing the changes. This resulted in the company's remote depot increasing its importance to the group's activities. Sales increased from £180,000 to £300,000 and the number of trucks increased to 10 accordingly.Two years after our initial intervention we were invited back to oversee the new depot opening in Bristol and the subsequent relocation problems associated in such moves. The company then went on to win the Overnight Parcel Carrier of the Year Award, with all the added benefits that such an award brings with it.

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