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Printing Company - London

Turnover £8 million

Brought in by parent company to redefine and fine tune the printing operation. Although very profitable, the parent company believed that the management had become complacent. We identified areas within the company where substantial savings could be made through operational improvements, as well as changes in equipment and machinery. Profits increased by £300,000 per annum. Within 4 years we were invited back to oversee an MBO and introduce structure to the negotiations. The company then recorded a turnover of £14 million whilst returning £2 million prior to tax.

Print, Design & Copying Outlet - Leicestershire

Turnover £600,000

Brought into a profitable company to take the company into the next phase of development. Identified the key profit centres within the company and set about achieving the aim of 5 sales outlets feeding the main company with profitable work. New work methods were introduced and along with ISO 9000 the company enhanced its standing and perceived value. After 4 years the company has moved into a Freehold property and now has 2 other outlets in Warwickshire and East Anglia. New management structures are being developed for the existing management team and sales broke target of £1.2 million. The company has laid down a seven-year plan and is well on its way to achieving all goals targeted.

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