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Sheet Metal Engineering Company - Essex

Turnover £800,000 Loss £64,000

Appointed by Managing Director to revitalize profitability, improve marketing and deal with cash-flow problems. After six months cash flow had improved and core borrowing had been reduced with no additional funding required. Profitability has improved PAYE and VAT fully paid up to date and the bank overdraft requirements have fallen. Turnover reduced to more manageable level of £650,000 with a net profit running at 11%. Balance sheet performance improved by 58%.

Commercial Vehicle Sales Operation (Main Dealer) - London

Turnover £900,000 Loss £34,000

Brought in by owner to turn the loss-making workshop situation around. Introduced new measures and work methods in order to re-establish the profit margins. No core borrowing, no overdraft facility. Within 2 quarters restored profitability through reduction in overheads and operation costs. Now planning to purchase suitable site for new operational base in Essex. Profit restored to net percentage of 8.5%. Invoice discounted no longer required after 28 months from intervention.

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