In 2015 Sherwood Taylor & Whyte decided not to accept any new cases, unless they were from existing clients or related referrals.

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Company Troubleshooters - Sherwood, Taylor and Whyte

Diagnostic Studies/Company Services

Specifically designed for Small to Medium sized companies. Full diagnostic reports on all company activities, the best ways to identify the performing parts of your company and exploit its full profit potential. The studies usually take 3 or 4 days over a 2-3 week period and cover the aspects of Strategy, Personnel, Finance and Operational areas of your business. You gain direct access to a depth of knowledge about your company and the sector of business that you are involved in.

Company Doctor. Turnaround Service

Direct intervention to deal with the pressures that accumulate whilst lacking in cash resources. The experience gained through years of similar cases enlightens us as to what can be maintained and saved and also in which areas cuts can be made. The people used in this section have direct experience in managing the operation whilst not having the normal cash resources available. Their job is to keep your business alive whilst permanent direct intervention can take place.

Month by Month Project Management

Usually instigated after a Diagnostic Study, this is traditionally the manner where our clients achieve ongoing success. After identifying the problems and routes for change, we work on retainer and performance only basis. This maintains our impartiality whilst allowing you to delegate specific tasks and projects, which you want us to oversee. Direct week-by-week contact, reporting to you whilst bringing a new zest and professionalism to your company's activities. Ongoing benchmarking can really change companies long-term. The best way of extracting the right profit margin.

Strategic Overview and Advice

Retained by large and smaller companies alike to advise on the best route to the goals agreed. Whether it be, Mergers and Acquisitions, or the use of Franchising as a means to expand and develop your business, we will advise and instruct every step of the way whilst maintaining our commercial awareness by working on a results only basis. The best way to tap into some of the best business thinking available and bring to your business the resources normally only available to considerably larger organisations who can call on in-house analysts and strategic management teams.


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